Sunday, 28 June 2015

New Laptop Hewlet Packard - Spectre

So I finally upgraded my Laptop to the new Hewlett Packard Spectre.  And over the last few days I have put it to the test, making it work hard processing images, importing images and heavy Photoshop tasks all at once.  I am happy to say that it has held up nicely.  I was a bit worried that power would be an issue as I could have purchased a bigger screen model with a bigger graphics card and more RAM for the same price.  I am yet to experiment with the convertible features of the laptop but I'm sure on my next adventure I will use it out in the field.

Anything PC will always lose by making a massive charging cable.   After a few weeks of lugging the giant thing around I'm a bit sick of it.    All that work put into a nice laptop and none put into the charging cable...