Sunday, 31 May 2015

Available: Elevated & Drone Photography Services in Australia

Over the past 5 years I have shot many level view (Elevated Photography) shoots from various cherry pickers – for clients who are developing apartment blocks throughout Melbourne.  Clients use the images to render in the potential views to their advertising and marketing material and for building permit applications.  The most requested format is a panorama, and I also provide the individual images.  I have access to a 25 meter spider lift that can get in and out of even smaller locations that a truck based cherry picker. This means that it can be driven down narrow paths to reach courtyards or traverse through construction sites to reach a central location.  The elevated Photography service is quoted per job and is usually carried out in fine weather unless otherwise requested by the client.  90% of the time there is two parts to the shoot, one during the day and a dusk shoot.  The best time of the year for a dusk shoot is during the summer months when they last longer and the sky is usually clear.   I use this app to make sure they cherry picker is on time and no additional time is wasted.
During the past twelve months I have been hard at work gaining all the relevant licenses and certificates to operate a UAV for commercial purposes.   This will all be complete in august 2015. It will add drone photography services (UAV Photography) to my business.   I don’t expect it to replace the cherry picker but in some cases it will.   I spent some time researching the different UAV’s on the market and decided to go with the Mikrokopter brand on a Freefly Cinestar 8 frame.  It has the ability to fly waypoints around a subject and even shoot panoramas automatically.    So how will this add to my service?  Well in most locations in Melbourne I will be able to shoot level views in areas where the cherry picker was not able to, and shoot aerial views otherwise not visible.  I will also be able to rise higher than 25 meters with less cost than 25+ meter cherry pickers and cranes.  All these factors are dependent on a safety assessment of each location.  It will also depend of legal factors such as “you can’t operate within 3 nautical miles (5 kilometres) from aerodromes” “you can’t operate within 30 meters of people” to name a few.  

Added to my Aerial Photography Services I will have every part of the sky covered.  From 10 feet to 10000 feet.   I am not just another drone operator in Melbourne I am an established aerial photographer with a large client base.   More important than the machines that I use to get the shots is my ability as a photographer to take the best shots, often in high stress situations. 

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