Monday, 16 June 2014

Understanding Aerial Stock Libraries

Winter is the best time to utilize the extensive collection of stock images available online. All photographed on a sunny day ensuring that the weather is never an issue. We keep a limited collection on, however you can find most of my collection on and Both these stock libraries are a rich collection of images from around the world by some of the best Aerial Photographers, updated daily. In each stock library you can search a location by the address or just the suburb. For Real Estate agents this can be useful when looking for an overall image of an area to showcase the site in advertising materials. If you can’t find what you are looking for we may also have it offline. Buying stock can be a bit like playing Russian roulette. On the other hand if you can find an image that is close to your brief/requirement at more than half the cost of a custom shoot – then you are already ahead. aerial photo stock library Aerial Stock Photos for sale

Thursday, 27 March 2014

ArtCapitol – Limited Edition Prints

Recently I have started selling Limited Edition prints through who are based in Beverley Hills, CA.

It's exciting because I have an opportunity to share Melbourne and country Victoria to the world. As well as reach an audience outside of Melbourne where I am based.

So, who are Art Capitol? are based in Beverley Hills in California. They specialize in limited edition prints in a variety of editions and sizes, this allows art to be accessible to a variety of collectors. All of ArtCapitol's staff are deeply committed to the arts not only in Los Angeles but internationally as well.

ArtCapitol was founded by Chris Davies, here is some information about him.

"Chris Davies, consummate creative entrepreneur and passionate arts advocate, is publisher of Fabrik Magazine, Founder of and President of Fabrik Media Group, a multifaceted publishing and marketing agency that supports artists and the arts. Davies directs his considerable experience as an art director, designer, gallery owner and marketing consultant towards helping artists and their careers. While executing numerous marketing campaigns for artists and by publishing distinctive artist books and exhibition catalogues, he recognized that artists need more effective systems to better manage and advance their careers. Davies founded ArtCapitol to further assist artists in connecting to collectors. An online distribution platform that encourages visitors to discover, learn and collect limited edition prints as well as original works of fine artArtCapitol offers a curated selection of affordable artworks."


You can check out my aerial photography prints here & if you have any questions let me know!





Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Australian Open and Dockwise Shipping

Here at Brett Price Photography we have had a busy start to the year! We have been working with some big clients here in Melbourne and around the world.  With the Australian open starting in early January there is no time to rest (Mostly because I'm watching it!).   We provided Melbourne and Olympic Parks with some dusk & night aerial photography  as well as some vertical view aerial images they use for planning purposes.  Shooting during dusk and at night has its challenges, and really pushes the camera setting to its limits.  Margaret Court - being Melbournes newest addition really stands out.  Check out some of the images below.
aerial photography of the australian open in melbourne
Aerial photography of the Australian open
Aerial photography of the Australian open

Another client in late January was Dockwise Shipping who's vessel the Blue Marlin was bringing in the new HMAS Adelaide in Melbourne.  The Blue Marlin is a 250 Meter long heavy lift Vessel and is quite a sight.  Working from a chopper at 150 feet made the shots even more amazing and the experience even better.  But enough with the words, I'll let the pictures do the talking.