Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Gear I use.

I have always used Canon cameras. My first SLR was a Canon F1, a sturdy old thing that I still use to this day. I also have an old 1D that I purchased back in 2002, 4.48 megapixel CCD sensor, still takes a nice photograph. Learning how to use it back then was another thing, even the tech folks out at Canon had no idea, even downloading and converting the files was a task in itself. You can find some more information on it here I have also used in the past a 1Ds, 1Ds MK II and 5D's. They all function in a similar way and I guess that is why I stick to them. Especially when I'm in the air I like all the adjustments to come naturally without having to look at what I'm pressing or moving. Currently I shoot everything on a Canon 5D MK II, I have two of them. Even though they are not a 1 series camera they still handle the grind of aerial photography. I shoot everything on the RAW setting and with the help of a fast CF card the information gets processed with no hassles at all.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Tilt Shift

Have been experimenting with the tilt shift effect. Seems like this is the "effect" of the moment. I do it in Photoshop by copying the background layer, applying the Gaussian blur to the copy. Then I make a mask and fill that with black (over the copy). The image should look as it did at the start. Then with a white paint brush I select the mask & blurred the buildings . Took some experimentation to make it look natural.

Saturday, 16 April 2011