Thursday, 4 December 2008

It's as dry as a bone in Wakool. We are heading west to Swan Hill then
onto Melbourne.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Flying west towords Waikerie then onto Adelaide.

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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Motel Showers

On Monday we departed from Essendon at 11am. Some weather came through bringing pouring rain so we had to wait it out delaying us by an hour. Our destination was Tasmania and we planned to cross the bass straight via Flinders Island. It took about half an hour over water to reach the Island and about another to get to Tasmania. When we arrived there the cloud on the northern edge was broken at 2500 feet. So we worked a little around Coles bay and head towards Launceston to the North West. We landed there and spent the night hoping for better weather the next day. Tuesday was the same so we landed at Devonport and spent half a day on the ground. I ventured into town to have a look and also went down the the beach. I had Spent the weekend at a Birddog seminar and was a little stuffed when I arrived home on sunday night so a half day off wasn't too bad. On Wednesday we flew from Devonport to hobart and worked there for the rest of the day. Leaving the plane there we took a Jetstar flight home

Friday, 24 October 2008

We departed yesterday from Parkes. With the original plan to head out to the west after working in Canberra. Due to broken cloud in the eastern part of the state all we could manage was a few jobs back around Cowra and Griffith. We headed to Canberra later in the afternoon were we had a few rooms booked at the Airport International Motel. We are currently 36 miles from Essendon with 23 minutes to run. This morning we worked around Canberra but with the Pilot having only 6 hours of duty left we had to cut is short and V line it back to YMEN.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Last night was spent in Parkes. A $70 Motel and smoking too. We are set to get into Canberra this evening after working in their CTR. It has been below Zero in the air and looks to be that way again today.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Aerial trip departing on 19th Oct 2008

Spent last night in Bourke after 10.2 hours in the air. It seemed an intersting place that
I would like to spend a few days at sometime. It made for a nice change from coastal towns. From what I saw it was a dusty place and I was told that it gets bloody hot there.

We had set of from Armidale and worked south towords Scone, then across to Taree through Port MacQuarie and Coffs harbour. Then we head West through Moree through Lightning Ridge before arriving at Bourke at 7:30pm. We stayed at the Major Mitchell Motor in and ate at the Bourke Bowling club Inc. The next morning after a good sleep we departed at 0900. We had two jobs to do before heading south. I made sure I had found the correct place as it's not too often that we are out that way. We then headed south east towards Dubbo. This was a 2 hour flight that became a 1.3 hour flight thanks to a 20 knot tail wind. On the ground the wind was heading the other way to we were suprised to find this. We stopped of at dubbo and had a Chicken Hamburger, having had no breakfast this was very welcome. We had hoped for a big day but as we got further south the cloud increased making it no good for Photography. We decided to call it a day in Cowra. Tomorrow the weather isn't looking too god so we can have a sleep in and a spot of breakfast.